Innovative Resources for Fractional Limb Volume, Fetal Echocardiography, and Individualized Growth Assessment
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The purpose of this web site is to describe innovative approaches for sonographic evaluation of the fetus. Special emphasis has been placed on the use of z-scores for describing fetal size parameters.

First, fractional arm (AVol) or thigh (TVol) volumes are important soft tissue parameters that can be directly measured, combined with 2D parameters to improve the precision of fetal weight estimation, or used for individualized growth assessment (IGA).

Second, new centile and z-score reference ranges can be calculated and graphed for fetal heart measurements that include aortic and pulmonary valve diameter, ventricular diameters, and cardiac circumference. This is based on the analysis of 2,735 fetal echocardiograms from a single institution.

Third, a new computer program called Individualized Fetal Growth Assessment (iGAP) is now available for Individualized Growth Assessment (IGA). The software and video tutorials (overview and case examples) can be obtained via free download by visiting our web link, https://igap.research.bcm.edu.

The content contained on this website is based on what is published in the medical literature and is provided for informational and educational purposes only.
Fractional limb volume Fetal heart biometry
Calculate percentiles and z-scores of fractional arm volume (AVol) and fractional thigh volume (TVol) measurements to compare them with normal ranges during pregnancy. Serial biometry can be graphed by entering multiple data points.

Calculate estimated fetal weight based on sonographic measurements, such as abdominal circumference, as well as soft tissue parameters such as fractional arm volume (AVol) or fractional thigh volume (TVol).

Calculate z-scores for echocardiographic measurements based on z-score ranges using femoral diaphysis length, menstrual age, or biparietal diameter as independent variables.

Documents, references, and external links related to the application of z-scores to the study of fractional limb volume and fetal echocardiographic measurements. This material includes a Quicktime Videoclip demonstration of the fractional limb volume technique and free software called Individualized Fetal Growth Assessment (iGAP) that simplifies the analysis of fetal growth by specifying 2nd trimester size models that are used to personalize assessment of 3rd TM growth.

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